CS205: Computing Foundations for Computational Science

Computation has long been an important tool for scientists, but the past two decades have seen a true revolution in the practice of science. Computation, in the form of both simulation and analysis, has joined theory and experimentation as the oft-quoted “third pillar” of science.

This is an applications course highlighting the use of modern computer architectures in solving scientific problems. The class emphasizes making effective use of modern architectures, particularly parallel, multicore, and GPU-based processing, with a strong emphasis on "parallel thinking." You will learn the fundamentals of scientific computing including abstract thinking, algorithmic development, and assessment of computational approaches, using a series of open source tools and libraries for data analysis, modeling, and visualization of real scientific problems.

Thouis "Ray" Jones

Philippe Tillet
Adi Peleg
Kevin Chen
Zezhou (Alex) Liu
Oyu Choijamts

MWF 11:00-12:00
Location: Northwest Building B101, 52 Oxford Street

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